08 June 2022    11:00 - 13:00   Add
Reliability analysis and rare event simulation. I
Minisymposium organized by Max Ehre, Iason Papaioannou, Edoardo Patelli, Daniel Straub and Bruno Sudret
Room: Vestfold (1F)
Chair: Max Ehre
Estimating Approximate Control Variate Weights: with Applications in Importance Sampling and Rare Event Simulation
Alex Gorodetsky and Trung Pham

Reliability updating of engineering systems by multi-level cross entropy method
Oindrila Kanjilal, Iason Papaioannou and Daniel Straub

Rare event probability estimation through high-dimensional elliptical distribution modeling
Marie Chiron, Christian Genest, Jérôme Morio, Sylvain Dubreuil and Michel Salaün

Sensitivity of reliability-based optimum designs: Implementation to stochastic linear systems
Danko J. Jerez, Hector A. Jensen and Michael Beer

Rare event uncertainty quantification based on Hamiltonian MCMC approaches and the Approximate Sampling Target with Post-processing Adjustment (ASTPA) framework
Kostas G. Papakonstantinou, Elsayed Eshra and Hamed Nikbakht

Rare event estimation using sequential directional importance sampling
Kai Cheng and Iason Papaioannou