8/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Recent Trends in Scientific Computing for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics I  
Minisymposium organized by Stefan Turek, Axel Klawonn and Uli Rüde
Room: Akershus (1F)
Chair: Axel Klawonn
CoChair: Stefan Turek
Massively Parallel & Lower Precision Accelerator Hardware as Trends in HPC and its Application to CFD (Keynote Lecture)
Stefan Turek, Dustin Ruda and Dirk Ribbrock

RACE: Speeding up sparse iterative solvers using level-based parallelization and blocking techniques
Christie Alappat, Georg Hager and Gerhard Wellein

Hardware-optimized numerics for a discontinuous Galerkin shallow water model
Sara Faghih-Naini and Vadym Aizinger

A Factorization Algorithm for Sparse Matrix with Mixed Precision Arithmetic
Atsushi Suzuki

Very fast FEM Poisson solvers on lower precision accelerator hardware
Dustin Ruda, Stefan Turek, Dirk Ribbrock and Peter Zajac