9/6/22    16:30 - 18:30
Recent Advances in Numerical Simulation of Landslides and Debris Flows  
Minisymposium organized by Pavel A. Trapper
Room: A1 – 4
Chair: Pavel Trapper
CoChair: Avshalom Ganz
A scalable parallel depth-integrated adaptive numerical framework with application to flow-like landslides
Federico Gatti, Simona Perotto, Carlo De Falco and Luca Formaggia

Material point method for large deformation seismic response analysis
Marc Kohler, Andreas Stöcklin and Alexander M. Puzrin

A role of a trigger mechanism in a prediction of submarine landslide consequences on a nearby infrastructure
Pavel A. Trapper, Avshalom Ganz and Miriam R. Gindis

Filtering spurious high-frequency modes in landslide impact on an offshore infrastructure
Avshalom Ganz, Pavel Trapper and Miriam Gindis