07 June 2022    11:00 - 13:00   Add
Recent Advances in Nonlinear Model Reduction for Mechanics Problems I
Minisymposium organized by Shobhit Jain and Mingwu Li
Room: B1 – 1
Chair: Shobhit Jain
CoChair: Mingwu LI
Reduction of Non-Linearizable Dynamics to Spectral Submanifolds (Keynote Lecture)
George Haller

Non-intrusive Model Reduction via Spectral Submanifolds in Structural and Fluid Dynamics
Mattia Cenedese, Bálint Kaszás, Shobhit Jain and George Haller

Variational Autoencoder-boosted physics-based ROM for the treatment of parametric dependencies in nonlinear problems
Konstantinos Vlachas, Thomas Simpson, Anthony Garland, Carianne Martinez and Eleni Chatzi

Using spectral submanifolds for nonlinear control
Florian Mahlknecht, John I. Alora, Shobhit Jain, Edward Schmerling, Riccardo Bonalli, George Haller and Marco Pavone