09 June 2022    11:00 - 13:00   Add
Probabilistic methods for model inadequacy
Minisymposium organized by Teresa Portone, Kathryn Maupin and Rebecca Morrison
Room: Jan Mayen 1
Chair: Teresa Portone
Hyper-differential sensitivity analysis with respect to model discrepancy
Joseph Hart

Informing missing physics with model form error and model selection
Kathryn Maupin, Jaideep Ray and Teresa Portone

Data-Driven Model-Form Uncertainty with Bayesian Statistics and Neural Differential Equations
Teresa Portone, Erin Acquesta, Christopher Rackauckas and Raj Dandekar

Bayesian Surrogate Analysis and Uncertainty Propagation in the light of Model (In)Adequacy
Sascha Ranftl and Wolfgang von der Linden

Accounting for model uncertainty in the identification of partially known models
Nicholas Galioto and Alex Gorodetsky

Wake Redirection Control for Optimization of Wind Farm Power Production
Jeferson Almeida, Iago Chaves, Vinicius Silvestre and Fernando Rochinha