9/6/22    11:00 - 13:00
Modelling at different scales of processes involving melting and solidification of metals  
Minisymposium organized by Jose Cesar de Sa and Michel Bellet
Room: Sør – Norge (GF)
Chair: Jose Cesar de Sa
Hybrid discrete element and raytracing framework for the analysis of powder-bed additive manufacturing
Bram J.A. Dorussen, Marc G.D. Geers and Joris J.C. Remmers

Peridynamics for Selectiv Laser Melting
Mikhail Zverlov and Michael W. Gee

Particle Finite Element Method for simulations of Selective Laser Melting with vaporization
Simon Février, Romain Boman and Jean-Philippe Ponthot

The numerical investigation of thermal cycle of laser surface hardening
Janusz Pikuła, Marek St. Węglowski and Jerzy Dworak

Kinetic Modelling of Phase Fraction Prediction on an Additive Manufacturing Process
Roya Darabi, Ana Reis and Jose Cesar de Sa