8/6/22    16:30 - 18:30
Modeling and Simulation of Concrete Structures: Recent Advances  
Minisymposium organized by Mahdi Kioumarsi and Vagelis Plevris
Room: O – 3
Chair: Mahdi Kioumarsi
CoChair: Leila Farahzadi
Molecular dynamics investigation of the effect of interlayer cavities of the structure of calcium silicate hydrate at the atomistic scale
Davoud Tavakoli and Mohammad Hajmohammadian Baghban

Application of an adaptive stable GFEM for fracture propagation in plain concrete
Abdelrahman El-Tohfa and Faisal Mukhtar

FEM analysis of FRCM strengthened RC columns exposed to fire
Reem Talo, Salem Khalaf, Muhammad Kyaure and Farid Abed

Integrated approach to probabilistic nonlinear assessment of concrete bridges
Drahomír Novak, David Lehky, Radomir Pukl, Ondrej Slowik and Novak Lukas

Nonlinear seismic analysis of reinforced concrete structures using POD reduced order method
Naim Ayoub, Walid Larbi and Jean-François Deü

Eigenerosion approach for fracture modeling of concrete under impact load using the material point method
Ahmad Chihadeh and Michael Kaliske

Surface roughness and shear resistance in cracked concrete
Mohit Pundir and Guillaume Anciaux