Technical Programme

08 June 2022  16:30 - 18:30   Add
Atomization and fragmentation of fluids

Minisymposium organized by Stéphane Zaleski, Leonardo Chirco, Shiyi Chen, Junji Shinjo and Gretar Tryggvason
Room: B1 – 1
Chair: Stephane Zaleski

Surfactant-induced Marangoni effects in turbulent jets
Lyes Kahouadji, Cristian Constante-Amores and Omar Matar

Manifold death: the implementation of controlled topological changes in thin sheets by the signature method
Leonardo Chirco, Jacob Maarek, Stephane Popinet and Stephane Zaleski

Direct Numerical Simulations of fuel secondary atomization
Cesar Pairetti, Leonardo Chirco, Santiago Marquez Damian, Norberto Nigro and Stephane Zaleski

Numerical simulation of spinning disc atomization
Yulii Shikhmurzaev, Grigori Sisoev and Yuan Li

Large Eddy Simulation of Primary Breakup Processes in Dual Fuel Internal Combustion Engines Using a Fully Compressible Multicomponent Approach
Yu Jiao, Steffen J. Schmidt and Nikolaus A. Adams

Numerical and optical investigation of flash boiling of highly volatile e-fuel microdroplets in a monodisperse stream
Avijit Saha, Leif Schumacher, Peter Augustin, Abhishek Y. Deshmukh, Manuel A. Reddemann, Reinhold Kneer and Heinz Pitsch