Technical Programme

08 June 2022  16:30 - 18:30   Add
Multiphysics modelling and simulation strategies for processes in fractured porous media

Minisymposium organized by Kundan Kumar and Sorin Pop
Room: O 4
Chair: Kundan Kumar

A mixed-dimensional model for reactive transport: modeling and computational aspects
Luca Formaggia, Alessio Fumagalli and Anna Scotti

Modelling fracture propagation in poro-elastic media combining phase-field and discrete fracture models
Samuel Burbulla, Luca Formaggia, Anna Scotti and Christian Rohde

Fluid flow through naturally fractured reservoirs using an embedded fracture model
Cristian Mejia, Julio Rueda and Deane Roehl

Impacts of fractures on hydrodynamic trapping for CO2 storage in deep saline aquifers
Yuhang Wang, Cornelis Vuik and Hadi Hajibeygi

A numerical analysis of CO2 storage by adsorption using ZIF-8
Guilherme Fonseca da Silva, Lucas Rodrigues Capello Silva, Marcos Oliveira Pelic, Bruno Galelli Chieregatti and Joo de S Brasil Lima

Averaged models for two-phase flow at the pore scale: The effect of surface tension and contact angle dynamics
Stephan B. Lunowa, Arjen Mascini, Carina Bringedal, Tom Bultreys, Veerle Cnudde and Iuliu Sorin Pop

The Undrained Split Iterative Coupling Scheme for a Fractured Biot Model: Theoretical and Numerical Considerations
Tameem Almani and Kundan Kumar