Technical Programme

07 June 2022  11:00 - 13:00   Add
ECCOMAS Olympiad I
Room: Oslo 1 (GF)
Chair: Konrad Perzynski

Asymptotic analysis of high-contrast subwavelength resonator structures
Erik O. Hiltunen and Habib Ammari

Numerical Modelling of Electrostatic Spray Painting Process with a Rotating Bell Cup for Automotive Painting
Mohammad-Reza Pendar and José Carlos Páscoa

Monolithic matrix-free solver for fluid-structure interaction problems: time integration scheme and preconditioning
Michał Wichrowski, Piotr Krzyżanowski, Stanisław Stupkiewicz and Luca Heltai

Mathematical and computational modeling of flexoelectricity at mesoscopic and atomistic scales
David Codony

Numerical analysis of some nonlinear hyperbolic systems of Partial Differential Equations arising from Fluid Mechanics
Ernesto Pimentel-García

Gaseous transport phenomena in rarefied conditions via deterministic and stochastic methods with applications in vacuum and fusion engineering
Nikos Vasileiadis and Dimitris Valougeorgis

07 June 2022  16:30 - 18:30   Add
Room: Oslo 1 (GF)
Chair: Konrad Perzynski

Data-driven parameter and model order reduction for industrial optimisation problems
Marco Tezzele

Peridynamic Galerkin methods for nonlinear solid mechanics
Tobias Bode, Christian Weißenfels and Peter Wriggers

Direct Numerical Simulations of hypersonic turbulent boundary layers with thermochemical non-equilibrium effects
Donatella Passiatore

Acoustic and elastic wave propagation in microstructured media with interfaces: homogenization, simulation and optimization
Marie Touboul

Numerical model reduction using POD and spectral decomposition for computational homogenization of porous media
Fredrik Ekre, Fredrik Larsson, Kenneth Runesson and Ralf Jänicke