Technical Programme

08 June 2022  11:00 - 13:00   Add
EU-Funded Research and Innovation on Computational Methods towards Climate Neutrality of Aviation I
Room: Hedmark (GF)
Chair: Dietrich Knoerzer

Contributions of EU-funded projects managed by CINEA towards climate neutrality of aviation
Leonidas Siozos-Rousoulis

Aero-acoustic installation effects in disruptive aircraft architectures
Christophe Schram, Alessandro Zarri, Julien Christophe and Hadrien Beriot

Aeroacoustic analysis of a landing-gear configuration for noise reduction using porous fairings in the INVENTOR project
P. Alexandros Koutsoukos, Daniele Ragni and Francesco Avallone

Uncertainty Quantification of Composite Structures with Manufacturing Defects within the SuCoHS Project
Benedikt Kriegesmann, Georgios Balokas and Tobias Wille

08 June 2022  14:00 - 16:00   Add
EU-Funded Research and Innovation on Computational Methods towards Climate Neutrality of Aviation II
Room: Hedmark (GF)
Chair: Dietrich Knoerzer

SENECA project: Climate effects assessment of supersonic aviation
Etienne Terrenoire, Sigrun Matthes, Robin Thor, David Lee, Ruben Rodriguez de Leon, Ling Lim, Bethan Owen, Agnieska Skrowron, Pénélope Leyland, David Marsh and Kateryna Synylo

The Role of Computational Methods for a Multi-Fidelity Aerodynamic Characterization of Supersonic Aircraft
Marco Marini, Pietro Roncioni, Santiago Hernandez, F Nieto, Davide Ferretto, Oscar Gori, Gilbert Stoican, Dumitru Pepelea, Victor Pricop, Bayindir H. Saracoglu, Guillaume Grossir, Bora O. Cakir and Matthew Clay

Reduced order computational methods for the development of the propulsive technologies for supersonic aviation to achieve climate neutrality
Ali Can Ispir, Bora Orcun Cakir, Karel Van den Borre, Francesco Civerra, Alessandro Tognelli and Bayindir H. Saracoglu

The role of computational methods to predict pollutant and GHG emissions from future supersonic civil aircraft using biofuels or H2
Christer Fureby, Arvid Ĺkerblom, Thommie Nilsson, Martin Passad, Elna Heimdal-Nilsson, Guido Saccone, Bayindir Saracoglu, Nicole Viola and Roberta Fusaro