Technical Programme

06 June 2022  14:00 - 16:00   Add
Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction in Aeronautical Applications I
Room: Hedmark (GF)
Chair: Pawel Flaszynski

Three decades of SBLI in European Research
Piotr Doerffer and Pawel Flaszynski

Numerical tripping of supersonic/hypersonic boundary layers
Alessandro Ceci, Andrea Palumbo, Johan Larsson and Sergio Pirozzoli

Length and Time Scale Comparison in Different Transitional SBLIs
Mariadebora Mauriello, Lionel Larchevêque and Pierre Dupont

Numerical simulation and turbulence modelling of a 3D transonic regime around a supercritical wing involving strong separation
Cesar Jimenez Navarro, Nikolaos Simiriotis, Abderrahmane Marouf, Rajaa El Akoury, Clement Rouaix, Yannick Hoarau and Marianna Braza

06 June 2022  16:30 - 18:30   Add
Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction in Aeronautical Applications II
Room: Hedmark (GF)
Chair: Pawel Flaszynski

Transonic Buffet Simulation using a Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes Approach
Andrea Petrocchi, Rene Steijl and George Barakos

Numerical Investigations of Transitional SBLI on a Highly Loaded Transonic Compressor Passage in Industrial Applications
Selin Kahraman, Paolo Adami and Marius Swoboda

Test Section Design for Investigations of SBLIs in Highly Loaded Compressor Stator
Arun Joseph, Pawel Flaszynski, Piotr Doerffer and Michal Piotrowicz

Towards mitigation of altitude-excitations in transonic compressors
Philipp Nel, Patrick Grothe and Paolo Adami