Technical Programme

09 June 2022  11:00 - 13:00   Add
Mathematics of Sea Ice, Ice Sheets and Ice Shelves I

Minisymposium organized by Carolin Mehlmann and Clara Burgard
Room: A1 – 5
Chair: Carolin Mehlmann
CoChair: Clara Burgard

Efficient Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Maxwell Elasto-Brittle Sea Ice Model
Piotr Minakowski and Thomas Richter

Robust and scalable Newton-type methods for visco-plastic sea-ice models
Yu-Hsuan Shih, Carolin Mehlmann and Georg Stadler

Generalization of hydrodynamic sea ice dynamics using kinetic theory and the Boltzmann equation
Andrew Davis, Dimitris Giannakis, Sam Stechmann and Georg Stadler

A primal-dual formulation for numerical simulations of marine ice sheets with various friction laws
Thomas Gregov, Frank Pattyn and Maarten Arnst

The effect of the tracer staggering on sea ice deformation fields
Carolin Mehlmann

Comparative study on finite element methods for modeling sea ice dynamics
Carina Schwarz and Jörg Schröder

09 June 2022  16:30 - 18:30   Add
Mathematics of Sea Ice, Ice Sheets and Ice Shelves II

Minisymposium organized by Carolin Mehlmann and Clara Burgard
Room: A1 – 5
Chair: Clara Burgard
CoChair: Carolin Mehlmann

Modeling of small scale processes in Antarctic sea ice - a bio-physical coupled bi-scale approach
Andrea Thom, Tim Ricken and Silke Thoms

Freezing processes in atmosphere and polar ocean
Bernd Kutschan and Silke Thoms

Computation Fluid Dynamics based model for a better prediction of fluid forces acting on iceberg capsize
Alban Leroyer, Julie Meunier, Anne Mangeney, Olivier Castelnau, Vladislav Yastrebov and Pauline Bonnet

Parameterising ocean-induced melt of an idealised Antarctic ice shelf using deep learning
Benjamin Bouissou, Clara Burgard and Nicolas C. Jourdain

Phase field viscoelastic fracture models for ice sheet dynamics
Jakub Stocek, Robert Arthern and Oliver Marsh

Coupled modeling of ice, subglacial sediment, and glacier hydrology
Anders Damsgaard