Technical Programme

08 June 2022  16:30 - 18:30   Add
Advancements in vulnerability assessment and strengthening of historical constructions

Minisymposium organized by Mahdi Kioumarsi, Maria Zucconi, Francesca Nerilli and Amirhosein Shabani
Room: Rogaland (GF)
Chair: Mahdi Kioumarsi
CoChair: Amirhosein Shabani

Pros and cons of various equivalent frame models for nonlinear analysis of URM buildings
Amirhosein Shabani and Mahdi Kioumarsi

Vulnerability assessment of cultural heritage structures
Mahdi Kioumarsi, Vagelis Plevris and Amirhosein Shabani

Seismic vulnerability of masonry structures through a mechanical-based approach
Francesco S. Liguori, Stefania Fiore, Francesca L. Perelli, Daniela De Gregorio, Giulio Zuccaro and Antonio Madeo

Empirical usability fragility curves for unreinforced masonry buildings affected by the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake
Maria Zucconi, Marco Di Ludovico and Luigi Sorrentino

In-plane shear capacity response of FRCM-strengthened masonry walls
Francesca Nerilli, Francesca Roscini and Barbara Ferracuti

A new numerical limit analysis-based strategy to retrofit masonry curved structures with FRCM systems
Rebecca Fugger, Ricardo Maia Avelino, Antonino Iannuzzo, Philippe Block and Gianmarco de Felice

Design relationships for the strengthening of masonry walls with mortar-based composites
Stefano De Santis, Pietro Meriggi, Sara Fares and Gianmarco de Felice