Technical Programme

06 June 2022  16:30 - 18:30   Add
Advances in automatic code-generation software for simulations in Science and Engineering

Minisymposium organized by Jeremy Bleyer, Jack S. Hale, Marie E. Rognes and Garth N. Wells
Room: Spitsbergen
Chair: Marie Rognes
CoChair: Garth Wells

Automatic Verification of Algorithmically Differentiated Code
Christina Paulin, Sébastien Bourasseau and Cédric Content

Matrix-free, hybridised, compatible, high order finite element methods in Firedrake
Sophia Vorderwuelbecke, David Ham and Colin Cotter

Cleaning up distributed objects in managed languages and applications in extremely large scale simulations
Jack Betteridge, Patrick Farrell and David Ham

The Feel++ software: automation, code generation, applications
Christophe Prud‘homme, Joubine Aghili, Luca Berti, Vincent Chabannes, Zohra Djatouti, Romain Hild, Thibaut Métivet, Philippe Ricka, Thomas Saigre-Tardif, Abdoulaye Samake, Marcela Szopos and Christophe Trophime

Scalable I/O for Firedrake and PETSc
Koki Sagiyama, Vaclav Hapla, Matthew G. Knepley, Lawrence Mitchell and David A. Ham

Nuclear thermal hydraulics modelling using automatic code generation
Kenechukwu Nwegbu, Claire Hearney, Alan Jones, Gerard Gorman, Christopher Pain and Paul Smith

Second order density based nonlinear topology optimization using a high level weak form language
Konstantinos Poulios and Gore Lukas Bluhm