ECCOMAS 2022 - Instructions for Mini-Symposium

Each MS should consist of a minimum of one Session of two hours (6 presentations of 20 minutes each). The number of Sessions for a MS will be determined by the number of confirmed presentations. A MS cannot be split in parallel sessions.

In each MS a Keynote talk is allowed every two sessions, i.e. one session of the MS will consist of a 40 min. Keynote talk plus four presentations of 20 min.

For practical reasons, each mini-symposium shall have a Corresponding Organizer who will be the liaison with the Conference Secretariat.

The mini-symposium organisers can speak as part of the mini-symposium.

No special financial arrangement will be provided to the MS organisers and invited speakers. However, the mini-symposium organisers, chairpersons for each session and invited speakers will be indicated in the congress programme. Furthermore, one organiser from each mini-symposia will be invited to join an Appreciation event.