ECCOMAS 2022 - Instructions for Mini-Symposium Proposal

If you are interested in organising a mini-symposium as a part of ECCOMAS 2022 Congress, you are welcome to submit a proposal. Prior to the submission of the proposal, the special session / mini-symposium organisers should consider the following:

The topic of the special session / mini-symposium should focus on the current interest and importance topics within the scope of the conference.

A special session of a mini-symposium last 2 hours and typically has minimum 5 full papers in case of a Keynote talk (40 min) and five presentations of 20 min each or six presentation of 20 min A mini-symposium is normally composed of two or more single session.

For practical reasons, each mini-symposium shall have a Corresponding Organizer, who will submit the min-symposium proposal and keep in contact with the Conference Secretariat, and one or more Co-organizers

The mini-symposium organisers can speak as part of the special session / mini-symposium.

The mini-symposium organisers will be in-charge of the abstracts and papers submissions, review process, notifying the authors regarding the acceptance of the contributions submitted to their sessions, and distribute the conference news to all the authors in their sessions. The organisers need to ensure all the papers of their sessions can be submitted by the deadline of Submission of paper which will be online through the Conference website.

It is discouraged that the speakers of special session / mini-symposium come from the same organisation or if all co-authors of the papers are from the same organisation.

No special financial arrangement will be provided to the special session / mini-symposium organiser and invited speakers. However, the special session / mini-symposium organisers, chairpersons for each session and invited speakers will be indicated in the conference program. Furthermore, one organiser from each mini-symposia will be invited to join an Appreciation event free of charge.

Committees designated by the organisers in cooperation with ECCOMAS will examine the MS proposals.

ECCOMAS and the local organisers are of course focused and observant to the current situation and development of the COVID-19. We will closely follow the progress of the situation and are ready to organise a hybrid or a fully virtual conference if needed. Furthermore, we will do our best to ensure that all healthcare measures issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) (https://www.who.int/) and the local governments are followed.

Submission of Mini-symposium Proposals

Mini-symposium proposals should be submitted through the conference Web site, and have to follow the template available here. To be able to submit a mini-symposium proposal, you have to first register here.

You are invited to organize mini-symposium in the different topics of the conferences that for practical reasons are numbered in the following way.

  • 1000 Computational Solid Mechanics

  • 2000 Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • 3000 Computational Natural Sciences

  • 4000 Computational Applied Mathematics

  • 5000 Scientific Computing

  • 6000 Young Investigators Initiative

  • 7000 Industrial Applications